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Medicare Item 319
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Open letter from NAPP President to Colleagues Repeal of Item 319 & Associated Restrictions (December 2000) [HTML] [PDF]
Deidentified Clinical Case Studies (December 2000) [HTML] [PDF]
Ethical and Privacy Considerations (December 2000) [HTML] [PDF]
Item 319 - Update (December 1999) [HTML] [PDF]

Managed Care
(See related media releases and submissions)

The Ethical Revolution, Autonomy, and "Managed Care" by Dr George Halasz (1998) [HTML] [PDF]

Relative Value Study

The Relative Value Study and your Professional Future (August 1998) [HTML] [PDF]

(See related submissions)

Smartening up or dumbing down?: A Look Behind the Symptoms, Overprescribing and Reconceptualizing ADHD (November 2001) [HTML] [PDF]
Setting The Frame Of The ADHD Epidemic: Childhood Under the New Capitalism (November 2001) [HTML] [PDF]


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