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Media Releases.

Please choose from the following list of topics to find a media release. Select HTML if you wish to read it on your computer, or PDF if you wish to print it (you will need Adobe Acrobat to view PDFs):

Safety Net has big holes for patients with mental illness - October 2015 [PDF]

Differential Weighting of Psychiatric Consultation Items
(See related submissions)

Psychiatrists say NO to proposal to limit treatment (2 July 2000) [HTML] [PDF]

Medicare Item 319
(See related submissions and issues)

More time with mental illness patients saves lives (5 June 2001) [HTML] [PDF]
Mental Health Patients Need Federal Government Reassurance on Health Cuts 7 (May 2001) [HTML] [PDF]
Medicare restrictions on long term psychiatric treatment putting lives at risk (July 2000) [HTML] [PDF]
Restrictions on Medicare psychiatric rebates for babies under 12 months lifted pending review (July 1997) [HTML] [PDF]
No Christmas cheer for many Australians with mental illness (December 1996) [HTML] [PDF]
Black Friday for Mothers with Post Natal Depression (December 1996) [HTML] [PDF]

Managed Care
(See related submissions and issues)

Psychiatrists want to know what international health care agreement will do for sufferers of mental illness (October 1999) [HTML] [PDF]
Letter to the Editor, The Australian, re GP Funding (April 1999) [HTML] [PDF]
Psychiatrists condemn MACC project (February 1999) [HTML] [PDF]
Psychiatrists call on Federal Government to restore mental health funding (December 1997) [HTML] [PDF]

(See related submissions)

ABC Documentary: Background Briefing on Mental Illness (external link - .doc file 1mb April 2002)
NAPP backs NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Mental Health Services (December 2001) [HTML] [PDF]
Mental illness crisis - All deaths must be made public (July 2001) [HTML] [PDF]
Australia’s most unwanted – Our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters with mental illnes (June 2001) [HTML] [PDF]
New and better facilities needed for mentally ill (June 2000) [HTML] [PDF]
Call for Independent Inquiry into the Victorian Public Psychiatric System (May 2000) [HTML] [PDF]
Psychiatrists say de-institutionalisation needs a rethink (November 1997) [HTML] [PDF]

Private Health Insurance
(See related submissions and issues)

Restrictions to psychiatric health fund cover leave patients and doctors confused (April 1997) [HTML] [PDF]

Dr 747
(See related submissions and issues)

Psychiatric services reduced not increased (May 1999) [HTML] [PDF]
Youth Suicide - Not an issue for political point scoring (April 1999) [HTML] [PDF]


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